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Venues and Times for Training

Kobudokai Australia incorporating Sumera Budo-juku Australia Dojo.

Kobudokai Australia hold full public liability and professional indemnity insurance through SportsCover Australia.

We operate on a non-commercial (non-profit) basis with membership/insurance and training fee schedules that are intended to cover costs only, like venue hire and liability insurance.

All classes are led by a mokuroku practitioner approved by Ishida Hiroaki sensei (JPN), a menkyo-kaiden of Nishioka Tsuneo shihan.

Currently all potential new dojo members, without exception, will need to attend a 6 week course (once a week, every Sunday). These courses provide an introduction to the basic sword and stick techniques of the ryugi as well as some of the ettiquete of a traditional Japanese cultural art

Of course, you're welcome to come and watch a class beforehand with prior arrangements. Regardless of previous martial arts experience or none, or a even a member of another SMR ryuha, everyone is welcome to attend these courses.

Course class sizes are limited to four (4) participants maximum (minimum age 18) with all equipment supplied and the cost is $48 per course.

2016 & 2017 Course Dates

2016, 6 Nov - 11 Dec
2017, 8 Jan - 12 Feb
2017, 26 Mar - 30 Apr
2017, 11 Jun - 16 Jul
2017, 27 Aug - 1 Oct
2017, 12 Nov - 17 Dec

Holland Park
Tuesday &
Thursday 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Sunday 3:00pm - 4:30pm

St Davids Hall
855 Logan Road
Holland Park

CLOTHING - Hakama & Keikogi jacket are the normal training uniform but any loose, comfortable clothing in the beginning is suitable

Annual Membership/Insurance $70.00
Class Training Fees - $8

Contact: Greg: greg(at)jojutsu.com


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