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Japanese Swordsmanship Seminar - Brisbane Australia

Learn the vital aspects of legitimate and authentic Miyamoto Musashi two-sword methods and techniques in a single introductory event.

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Apart from the below articles, there are several other English translations of Ishida Sensei's 2013 Keiko Journals, some with commentary, on the main timeline of our Facebook page. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page using the link at the top of the right column on each webpage.

  • The ‘Kihon’ of Uchikomi & Kiriotoshi with Nishioka Tsuneo sensei 西岡常夫先生 & Ishida Hiroaki sensei 石田博昭先生
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  • 濱地光一師範を偲ぶ - In remembrance of Hamaji Kouichi shihan by Ishida Hiroaki sensei 石田博昭先生
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